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The US has begun building a road that will charge electric car batteries

The US has begun building a road that will charge electric car batteries

The US wants to build the first road to charge electric car batteries while traveling. The project promises to ease the transition to electric vehicles, reducing the need for frequent stops to recharge.

Road construction started in early April. The program is led by the University Purdue In partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Initially, there will be 400 meters of technology on US Route 231. Therefore, the objective is to test how well the system performs for loading trucks in real conditions. If successful, the system could be expanded to include a wider range of electric vehicles.

How the technology works

The trial is expected to be completed next year. The concept is based on a new type of asphalt in which magnetized particles are capable of wirelessly transferring energy to moving vehicles.

The special asphalt-formed material is designed to deliver at least 200 kilowatts of charging power, which represents a significant improvement over existing wireless charging technologies.

The team of engineers initially focused on heavy vehicles such as trucks. This is because of the significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the success of this project could lead to wider applications, including passenger cars and other light vehicles.

Therefore, in addition to promoting environmental sustainability, a wireless charging road has the potential to increase convenience for electric vehicle drivers. This can reduce drivers' worries about always having a “full tank” and also reduce travel barriers to recharge.