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The Houthis claim to have attacked US, UK and Israeli ships

The Houthis claim to have attacked US, UK and Israeli ships

Photo: Maciej Ruminkiewicz / Unsplash


Houthi forces in Yemen said they fired rockets and drones at British, American and Israeli ships on Sunday (7). The group is backed by Iran and targeted a British ship and several US warships in the Red Sea. Israeli ships were attacked in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

The United Kingdom and the United States have been conducting retaliatory strikes against the Houthis for the past few months. According to US Central Command (CENTCOM), US forces destroyed a surface-to-air missile system in an area controlled by the armed group in Yemen on Saturday (6).

US forces also shot down a drone over the Red Sea, and a coalition ship also destroyed an anti-ship missile, the report said.

Also, the British defense company Ambrey reported that the ship was attacked on Sunday (7) in the Gulf of Aden, about 102 nautical miles from Mukalla in Yemen.

“Vessels in the vicinity have been advised to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity,” Ambrey said, without saying who carried out the attack.

Parallel to this, a missile landed near a ship in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday as well. The UK Maritime Trade Operations Organization (UKMTO) said the ship, 59 nautical miles south-west of the Yemeni port of Aden, was not damaged or injured by the missile.

“The ship's commander reports that a missile struck the water near the ship's port side,” UKMTO said in a statement. He said there was no damage to the ship and the crew was safe.

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