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Infection: According to nature, corona virus infection never ends

Written by Nature Infostart They point out five reasons why we should actually forget about herd immunity, as surveyed by researchers: Behold, they are in order!

The reduction in spread is uncertain

As for the flockā€™s immunity, it is important that even if someone catches the disease, there must be some people around it. Vaccination with Pfizer and Moderna is very effective in preventing symptomatic diseases, but we can not yet be sure of this level of protection against the spread of infection.

Random vaccine distribution

Theoretically, a worldwide integrated vaccination campaign would have provided an opportunity to eradicate the virus from the face of the earth, but there are currently large disparities in population vaccination in individual countries. In most countries, immunizations for the elderly have been started, but much more needs to be done to vaccinate children, and clinical trials have only just begun in their circles. However, the vaccine also differs geographically: there are more vaccinated areas in the world, but since no country or continent is an island, the virus cannot enter other countries at any time.

Variations complicate the situation

Variations are also challenging, including those that cause re-infection or avoid vaccine-provided protection. While many in an area are immune, this puts the spread of variants on the front that can cause re-infection.

Immunity does not last forever

We do not yet know how long the naturally occurring protection will last, or how long the vaccine will provide protection. Experience with the corona virus indicates the passage of protection provided by the infection over time, and we do not even know how long vaccines will protect them.

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The vaccine changes human behavior

Although the vaccine does not provide 100 percent protection, the behavior of those who have already been vaccinated is certainly less cautious than the behavior of those who have not been vaccinated. One question is how well vaccinators will be persuaded not to return immediately to the way they lived before the infection – and controls will play a key role in preventing the spread of infection even through vaccination.

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