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The US Air Force publishes information about tracked UFOs

The US Air Force publishes information about tracked UFOs

The United States Air Force (USAF) released information about an incident involving unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on January 26, 2023 at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. According to the corporation, the radar of one of its aircraft recorded four foreign objects. The pilot was able to make visual contact with the flying objects, and was also able to take pictures of one of them using the recording systems available on the fighter.

The US Air Force informed that the images recorded by the pilot could not be released due to the “interest of national defense”, based on a request made through the US Access to Information Act by software engineer Abbas Michael Dharamsi.

According to information released by the US Air Force, the UFO recorded by the pilot resembles an Apollo spacecraft in size and shape, with red-orange lighting at the bottom, and at the top, it consists of a metallic gray segmented cone shape. Although the photos were not published, the foundation released a drawing depicting the shape of the flying object.

UFO drawing
(Photo: Reproduction/Department of the Air Force)

Radar did not record the altitude of one of the four UFOs. The rest were at 4,800, 5,100, and 5,400 meters above the ground. The speeds of objects cannot be determined. According to information from the Air Force, when the plane was 1.2 kilometers from the US Air Force plane, the UFO knocked the plane's radar out of service. After further evaluation, maintenance technicians were unable to discover why this was happening.

The Eglin UFO case came to light after Congressman Matt Gaetz said he had access to a video recorded by the fighter pilot and that the object “could not be man-made.” The speech was delivered at the last public hearing on UFOs in the US Congress.

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