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“We were a tide and we will be a tsunami”

“We were a tide and we will be a tsunami”

Anti-protest protocol

Today's action comes in the context of the Ministry of Security's anti-protest protocol, which prohibits obstructing public roads. There are expectations regarding this demonstration, considering that historically, Argentine women mobilize thousands of people in the streets of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. Furthermore, this is the first chapter of the “Green Tide” that Miley faces. Among the WhatsApp groups of social organizations that will be present at the event, there is a lot of talk about the safety of every woman, not going to the event alone and avoiding confrontation with the police.

In the case of Argentina, in addition to the struggle for women's rights, there is also a protest against the setbacks of these rights, as today's march takes place at a time when the Miley government is advancing against the rights achieved in previous years and taking several attacks to Feminism And gender diversity.

The conquest of women

One of the main flags that is defended in the streets is green, the color that has become known around the world for the struggle of Argentine women, with their green scarves, defending the decriminalization of abortion since 2018, until its legalization at the end of 2020, which was approved in January 2021. This symbol has been transformed and currently goes beyond defending the decriminalization of abortion and is a brand that seeks to politicize masculinity.

According to official data, more than 245,000 pregnancy terminations have been carried out in the public sector since abortion was legalized in 2021, and the highest percentage was in the province of Buenos Aires, in addition to Salta and Jujuy (north of the country). . In Argentina, voluntary interruption of Pregnancy It is legal and free until the 14th week of pregnancy.

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