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Musk surprises by announcing the decision to donate money to presidential candidates

Musk surprises by announcing the decision to donate money to presidential candidates

Technology mogul Elon Musk took to social media on Wednesday, the 6th of this month, to clarify that he does not intend to make financial donations to any presidential candidate in the upcoming November elections.

“Just to be completely clear, I do not contribute financially to any of the US Presidential candidates,” Musk said emphatically in his tweet.

The statement came on Twitter/X the day after Super Tuesday, during which both Donald Trump and Joe Biden scored major victories over their rivals in the quest for the nomination in their respective Republican and Democratic parties.

Super Tuesday's results bring Trump and Biden closer to a potentially historic matchup in the race for the White House.

The political scenario depicted by Super Tuesday also led to the withdrawal of Nikki Haley, Trump's only competitor for the Republican seat, as announced the next morning.

Later, Democrat Dean Phillips, Biden's rival in the search for the party's nomination, made a similar decision to withdraw his nomination.

Followers' reaction

Members of the Twitter/X platform owned by Musk responded to the businessman's statements, expressing their criticism or praise.

Edward Snowden, a former US intelligence analyst currently residing in Russia, mentioned Musk, pointing out that there are more than two candidates, referring to independent Robert Kennedy Jr.

Musk visited Trump in Florida

The New York Times (NYT) reported on Tuesday that Elon Musk met with Trump in Florida over the weekend. The likely GOP nominee, Trump, will look to pour significant amounts of resources into his campaign. The former president's personal fortune has recently suffered a setback due to rulings in a civil trial over an alleged fraud and defamation case in New York.

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As The New York Times reported, Musk does not have a history of big spending in previous presidential elections, and in general, he has divided his donations evenly between Democratic and Republican candidates.

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