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The United States sees inflationary pressures by the supply chain as intermediate-economic

The U.S. government expects inflationary pressures caused by problems in supply chains to be intermittent, and they are partly due to the country’s rapid recovery, National Economic Council Vice President Sameera Basili told a news conference on Tuesday. Announce a task in the title.

According to Basili, “To achieve the supply chain downturn, I need to invest in the United States.” He also said that it was necessary to diversify the look of imports and seek to “reduce the concentration”. Areas of investment include sustainable production and support for small businesses.

The initiative, which is part of a series of other measures, has exposed the problems that the Covid-19 epidemic continues to plague key US businesses as a result of a 100-day assessment ordered by US President Joe Biden in February. Automatic.

The country’s chain has been described as having “serious structural problems” and, according to the administration, has the support of both parties to move the issue forward.

Peter Harrell, a member of the National Security Council, said the country would act against “unfair actions by competitors in supply chains” without directly naming any country. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of allies and partners in this matter, and suggested that the United States make foreign investments.

The review covers four areas: semiconductors used in products such as cars and cell phones; Large capacity batteries used in electric vehicles; Pharmaceutical products; And rare earth metals, important for technology and safety.

According to Harrell, management has recently received several announcements to invest in US semiconductor production. In addition, he commented on Bosch’s announcement to invest in the region in Germany, which facilitates the global offer.

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