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The United States uses a drone to refuel in the middle

The United States uses a drone to refuel in the middle

Boeing used a drone to refuel a U.S. Navy jet fighter jet. According to the Armed Forces, the mission was completed last Friday (4) and included a Super Hornet F / A18 jet. The two planes were connected by a pipeline through which the fuel was transferred as they both crossed the Midwest American skies.

The test was conducted near MidAmerica St. Louis Airport in Muscat, Illinois. According to Boeing, there are plans to conduct another test of this type, but on an aircraft carrier, later this year.


The drone replaced 147 of the 225 liters of fuel found during the flight, which lasted about 4.5 hours. “Unmanned systems with our traditional combat power provide our fighters with the extra capability and capability to fight, defeat, and prevent potential invaders, giving them the edge they need,” said Chad Reid, head of the Navy’s drone program. CBS News.

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Reid described the refueling drone project, known as the MQ-25, as “the first step towards the future being enhanced by carrier-based naval unmanned systems.” According to him, drones will be a forced amplifier because they must release fighters and attack pilots from refueling operations for passengers.

For now, testing of the drone program begins on the Super Hornet, which received refueling at the receiving end. However, the program plans to extend the tests to other recipients. The first data on the relationship between aircraft, guidance and aerial control will be analyzed, and finally there are requirements that no changes need to be made.

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