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The expert argues that the UK decision was a "monitoring stimulus"

The expert argues that the UK decision was a “monitoring stimulus”

Diego Korea, an international health expert and professor at the Institute of Health and Tropical Medicine, argues that there were scientific and political explanations for the British government’s decision to remove Portugal from the Green List of safe countries to travel to.

From the expert’s point of view, the great concern of the British authorities is that the Indian variant, or something else, compromises the effectiveness of vaccines for those who have already been vaccinated.

“British authorities, based on scientific recommendation, remove Portugal from the green list and put it on the yellow list, which requires an isolation. It strengthens surveillance, but in the long run, I believe there could be reversal,” he said.

Henrik Oliveira, a mathematician at the Institute Superior Technico, was concerned about the number of new cases due to the “famous feature”.

He recalled that the phenomenon has been increasing for 31 days and this will be reflected in the combinations.

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