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The 'Silvio Santos True Story' roadmap is already underway - Prisma

The ‘Silvio Santos True Story’ roadmap is already underway – Prisma

A few days ago, in the same place, the series “O Rei da TV”, about the track of Silvio Santos, produced by Gullane and shown on the Star + platform, was commented on.

The title was “The King of Television About Poor Silvio Santos and Nothing to Do with Him”.

The fact is that since its release there have been many negative reviews.

As a refusal to act, almost unanimously.

For people close to the animator, even the basics were missing: doing my research better.

Even the SS itself declared the series “poorly made”, while its daughters claim that it is not even worth checking the content.

Having said that, it should be noted that a script on “The True Story of Silvio Santos” has already been prepared, and it is supervised by the presenter’s wife Iris Abravanel.

It is not yet known whether it is in serial or movie form, but the main goal, in addition to not hiding anything and telling the true facts, is a very good division, in this work, between businessman Senor Abravanel and cartoon character Silvio. Santos.

Since Dona Iris is also involved in the script of the TV series “A Infância de Romeo e Julieta”, it is not yet possible to risk when this film or series goes into production. But it is under development.

Regarding the use of “real history”, that’s because that’s how the Silvio family refers to the project.

And life goes on

“Sad? Never! I’m grateful I experienced moments that are now thoughtful and learned. My eternal gratitude to everyone in the release.” The statement is from Deborah Albuquerque, one of the heroines of this edition of “A Fazenda,” which was removed last Thursday in a four-way tour.

Strawberry faced Short Kick, Reed from Mars and Alex Gallett, who was also eliminated.

Deborah, now, vows to resume her online program and also take advantage of this moment to enjoy family and fans. And life goes on!

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towards the cup

SBT will also have a team covering the World Cup, as the rights to broadcast, on both open and paid TV channels, belong to Globo.

Journalists Sergio Ochs, Andre Galvão and Joao Venturi travel to Qatar.

The question does not offend

If in one of those fateful things there is a possibility now that coach Tite will take another striker to the cup, who will have more chances?

Gabigol or Firmino?

A common goal

Marcelo Cerrado and Mariana Santos, longtime partners, pose behind the scenes during the recording of “Cara e Coragem”.

In the plot at Seven, Moa and her ex-husband Rebeca put aside their differences and unite to try to uncover Danilo (Ricardo Pereira), after they discover that a villain has plotted to kidnap their son Chiquinho (Guilherme Tavares).

Come here

The protagonist of “After the Universe”, one of the Netflix films, Henrique Zaga has already taken part in a new work, the title of which has not yet been released, but entirely in English.

The actor, as you know, lives in the United States.

The parcel has been delivered

Screenwriter Rafael Montes has submitted the final chapter of his first novel, “Segundas Intenções” to HBO Max.

It remains to be seen, now, when it should air. It will certainly take some time, due to another “series” called “Fusion” between WarnerMedia and Discovery.

to know

If the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery does not stop everything, the recording of “Cruel Intentions” will be completed in March 2023 and the premiere will take place in October of the same year.

But with everything still “freezing”, it’s hard to predict.


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Cruel Intentions’ script has produced no less than 1,600 pages, and many revisions and polishes.

In the team of collaborators are Mariana Torres, Victor Atherino, Rafael Souza Ribeiro, Manuela Cantuaria, Luisa Yabrodi, researcher Carla Cristina Soares Madeira, and Chancellor Galpa Jogoya, as well as Edna Palatnic.

good memories

Leticia Spiller, for “Quattro por quattro” on Globalplay:

“I have tremendous emotion and pride in this television which has awakened so many meetings and accomplishments in me.”

not yet

At least in the first phase, nothing is planned for Tiago Abravanel in the plot of “A Infância de Romeo e Julieta,” the new SBT soap opera.

Then who knows…

The truth is…

Prime Video, SBT’s partner on “Romeo and Juliet,” played an important role in defining the cast.

Especially the Ansar. It took several weeks of testing.


The series “Os Parças”, led by Tom Cavalcante, Wenderson Nunes and Jojo Todinho, is scheduled to premiere in April 2023.

It is one of Globoplay’s main bets.

Is raining

Recordings for the fifth season of “Race” will likely continue until the last week of this month. The final episode will be shown by Record on the 30th.

This proximity is linked to the rains in Rio de Janeiro, which hampered the work schedule. In December, a break for the “Race” bands, the station will re-enact “Jesus.”


Roberto Cabrini interviewed businessman and presenter Roberto Justos today.

First on “Sunday Spectacular” and soon after on “Câmera Record”.
Justus fights bladder cancer.

He hits

• A special opening session for Cinefoot 13 is scheduled for Tuesday, 8pm, at Estação Net Rio 3, with a screening of a film version of “Casão, Num Jogo Sem Regras”, directed by Susana Lira.

• The second season of “LOL: It’s Gone” December 2 on Prime Video.

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• Estevão Ciavatta released “Amazônia Viva”, a film that marks the director’s debut based on virtual reality technologies to unveil the most important biome on the planet and raise awareness of the region’s importance and conservation…

• …launched during the second edition of Rio Innovation Week.

• “Cara e Coragem” won a showtime in the late hours of Globo …

• … but nothing is certain, however, if the same will happen with “Vai na Fé”, the alternative to it.

• Marietta Severo will receive the Cenym Lifetime Achievement Award…

• … Prizes will be held on the 22nd.

• Sandra Corveloni participates in the shooting of “Alegria do Amor” by Marcia Paraiso…

• …a movie set in Santa Catarina.

• The new edition of “Casa Chango de Natal”, created by Chango Digital, one of the largest influential agencies in Latin America, runs from today until December 13 …

• …the latest edition of the event broke world records in lives on TikTok, reaching 200 million views per day.

• At just 15 years old, Sandra Luisa Lima Caetano from Brasilia won the “Miss Teen Charm International 2022” belt in Colombia…

• …Sandra Luisa, who defeated 23 other candidates, defends making good use of social networks.

• Actor Rafael Monteiro, star of the Netflix series “Vizinhos”, is also coming up with the new movie, “Cilada”, alongside Bruno Mazzeo.

• Thiago Fragoso began recording “Travessia” on Globo as Caique …

• …your character will partner with Leonor, played by Vanessa Giacomo…

• …By the way, Vanessa does a great job on “Travessia”.

• Ana Maria Braga goes on vacation at “Mais Você”. On Monday, lead by Talitha Moretti and Fabricio Battaglini.