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Ellen Pompeo stopped being the protagonist in February

Ellen Pompeo stopped being the protagonist in February

Ellen Pompeo, 53, Meredith Gray from Grey’s Anatomy, already has a fixed date to stop being the heroine of the medical series.

The main character will bid farewell to the main show crew and Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital in the seventh episode of season 19, scheduled to air in the United States in February 2023.

As per the deadline, Pompeo will appear in eight of the 22 episodes It must appear again in the last episode of that stage.

The actress will continue to produce the series and will narrate each episode of the current season.

still according to Site🇧🇷 Meredith She should continue to appear in the series and do the narration in the coming seasons, even when she stops being the protagonist.

Learn more about Meredith’s fate below:

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In the episode “I’ll Follow the Sun” (“I’ll Follow the Sun”, in free translation), Meredith will win a big party to say goodbye to her co-workers. The doctor will move to Boston with her eldest daughter and dedicate herself to research Alzheimer’s disease Invited by Jackson (Jesse Williams).

In the sixth episode, which aired yesterday in the US, Meredith announced her departure from Gray Sloan via email. The doctor’s house also caught fire. No one was hurt, but only the note that she and Derek Shepherd wrote their vows on the remains.

in May, Pompeo commented on the possibility of leaving the series he starred in nearly two decades ago🇧🇷

“Continuing to try to reinvent the show is the challenge right now, and the show is talking to a lot of people, and young people love it. And it has inspired many generations of healthcare professionals. So I think for young people, it’s really good guaranteed. For young people, not necessarily with me, but he still overtakes me,” he said.

newly, She also said that she would like to see the story for the ending record “Grey’s Anatomy.”s. “I’m trying to focus on convincing everyone that it needs to be finished,” he said.

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