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The Science, Technology and Innovation Public Notices are launched in the AM

The Science, Technology and Innovation Public Notices are launched in the AM

Eight public notices focused on science, technology and innovation have been launched in Amazonas; The proposals include training researchers and research projects in several fields.

The Amazonas government has launched eight notices focused on science, technology and innovation (CT&I). With resources exceeding 13.5 million Brazilian reals. The investments focus on training qualified researchers, such as students, masters and doctors, in addition to research projects, development of innovative projects, restoration and computerization of biological collections and museums.

The Senior Trustee of the Civic House, Flavio Anthony Filho, emphasized that the declaration represents a commitment to the development of science, technology and innovation in the Amazon region.

“The governor is excited about the academic environment and today, with eight notifications released, it shows the governor’s commitment to the research sector. Giving researchers the opportunity to showcase their work. These surveys advance the work of the Amazonas government so we can move forward and find solutions for our state.”

Scientific researcher of essential oils from the municipality of Itaquatiara (176 kilometers from Manaus), Geone Correia, confirmed that the announcement is a gift to researchers in the state, especially those who work indoors.

“Before we did basic research in the interior regions, today, with resources, we can do advanced research with more highlights. Fapeam believes in in-country research. This is to create more efficient human resources in the various organizations located in the interior regions,” he concluded. from Amazon.


In the Fapeam Program – Strategic Areas of the Startup, the Government of Amazonas will invest R$1,528,000.00 to develop innovative products, processes and services related to the Strategic Areas associated with the Multi-Year Plan (PPA-2020-2023), with the support of up to ten projects.

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The Incubator Support Program – Pró-Incubadoras will receive a resource of R$ 1.75 million to encourage the structuring of new incubators and the development of business incubators aligned with the model of reference centers for support of new companies (Cerne), in order to expand the number and quality of innovative projects in the state of Amazonas. The program aims to support up to ten projects.

For the Scientific Technological Mobility Program – Promob / Fapeam, R$1.25 million will be invested to support the education and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, professors and researchers at institutions outside the state of Amazonas in various fields of knowledge. The notice will include 50 research projects.

With an investment of R$2.7 million in the Undergraduate Support Program – Prograduar, the state government aims to award scholarships to undergraduate students who have passed the National Secondary School Examination (Enem) or the local entrance examination, between the years 2019 to 2023. The program will support 50 candidates, and 25 Level 1 undergraduates, who will study graduation in the state of Amazonas, and 25 Level 2 graduates, candidates who will study graduation out of state.

In the Support Program for the Training and Qualification of Physicians – Prodoc / Fapeam, R$1.248 million will be invested in the granting of scholarships for the development of qualified human resources at the post-doctoral level, with the support of 20 projects.

Similarly for the International Mobility Program – GCUB-MOB, the resources amounting to R$972,000 will be used to award master’s or doctoral scholarships to foreign students at Brazilian universities. It is estimated that up to ten scholarships will be awarded, five of which are for master’s degrees and five for doctoral degrees.

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An investment of R$ 2.478 million will be allocated to the Support Program for Graduate Students Outside the State of Amazonas – POSGFE, which aims to award scholarships in master’s and doctoral modalities, to researchers associated with excellent graduate programs in other states. It is estimated to support up to 20 projects, 10 for Masters scholarships and 10 for PhD scholarships.

In the Program of Support for the Organization, Restoration, Conservation and Publication of Biological Collections and Museums of the State of Amazonas – Biological Collections / Museums, the State Government will allocate R$1.6 million to support projects aimed at improving the organization, maintenance, computerization, digitization, management and publication of biological collections and museums in the Amazon region, linked to higher education and / or research institutions or research centers, with the aim of strengthening the Brazilian network of biological scientific groups. The program is estimated to support up to ten projects.

Proposals can be found on the website of the Research Support Foundation of the State of Amazonas (Fapeam), which this year completes 20 years of its existence.