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National Science and Scientific Researcher Day – SINPRO-DF

National Science and Scientific Researcher Day – SINPRO-DF

July 8th is National Science and Scientific Researcher Day because on that date, in 1948, the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) was founded, a civil entity that develops activities to expand and improve the national science and technology systems.

The National Science and Scientific Researcher Day can be used to stimulate young people’s taste for science and spread scientific knowledge in society. According to figures from the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, more than 95% of Brazilian scientific production is carried out in public universities. In other words, education plays an essential role in this process!

Given the dramatic situation in science, technology and its workers in recent years, with the advance of denial and brutal withdrawal of resources from these areas during the Bolsonaro (dis) government, it is important to celebrate National Science and Technology Day. More researcher than ever!

Lula’s election marked the resumption of investments, expansion and formulation of public policies in the field of science and technology. It is necessary to return the losses inherited from the previous government and move towards the development of the country with the distribution of income. Science and technology are certainly essential allies of the project of sovereignty and equality!

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