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The Samsung TV has a “secret button” that is perfect for those who constantly lose their remote

The Samsung TV has a “secret button” that is perfect for those who constantly lose their remote

to Samsung Smart TVs Surprise users with a smart solution for those times when their remote is lost.

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In addition to providing a cleaner and more efficient design, the South Korean manufacturer has discreetly integrated a 'hidden' button into some of its TV models, providing a functional and functional alternative to the 'hidden' button. remote control traditional.

The gradual disappearance of fixed buttons on smart TVs has been a trend driven by the search for more sophisticated designs and improved production processes.

In this context, Samsung stands out by adopting a unique approach, placing these buttons in non-intuitive locations, challenging traditional expectations and providing a different experience for users.

Discover the “hidden” button.

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In several models launched in 2018, Samsung has adopted a careful strategy, imperceptibly placing five buttons below the central logo of the brand.

These buttons include directional arrows in four directions (up, down, right, and left) as well as a select button. Although hidden, these buttons allow users to perform almost all TV functions, providing an effective solution when a traditional remote control is not available.

Design differences

Samsung has modified its “hidden” design in different models, incorporating shapes that maintain practicality and efficiency. In some cases, the manufacturer has chosen to include only one button, strategically placing it below the infrared signal receiver, in the central part of the TV. Here, users can access various functions by applying the only push-button commands available.

Samsung's innovative approach not only demonstrates its commitment to stylish designs, but also offers a useful solution to everyday situations like losing your remote.

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Users can make the most of these “hidden” buttons, while maintaining full control of their Smart TVs, regardless of the location of the remote.

Control via smartphone

In addition to the “hidden” button, Samsung offers a modern and convenient alternative to controlling Smart TVs: using smartphones. Through the SmartThings app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), users can simulate using the remote control directly on their mobile device.

All it takes is a connection to the same Wi-Fi network to turn your smartphone into a virtual remote control. It should be noted that it is important to configure this function before losing the remote control, allowing users to easily obtain this solution when needed.