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The role of companies in sustainable development

The role of companies in sustainable development

Companies from various sectors are increasingly seeking to develop sustainable practices.


a environmental awareness It has only been appreciated by a specialized group of society, which has grown rapidly in the past decade, directly resulting in changes in the purchasing behavior of consumers, who also have a preference for sustainable businesses.

With the pandemic, the consumer profile has changed dramatically, as well as companies in sectors that were previously considered of little importance, during the quarantine period. Companies in the entertainment and technology sectors have been very popular, specifically in the production of mobile gaming applications and also sports betting (also known as Sports betting In English). The changes are not limited to the theme of entertainment, but there is a growing concern about the social and environmental responsibilities of companies, as the consumer is now more selective and prefers companies that adopt more responsible attitudes in caring for the environment.

Two-thirds of consumers consciously choose to avoid certain brands or items due to environmental concerns, a number that has risen 26 percent over the past six years, according to Tetra Pak’s latest environmental survey. In terms of great CEOs, this is no different according to a recent study by the IBV (Institute for Business Value), which is associated with a company IBM . technology, nine out of ten companies said they will be working on sustainability initiatives by the end of 2021.

Many companies have made tremendous progress in terms of business sustainability in recent years and here we separate 4 companies that are adopting sustainable practices. paying off:

  1. Derwent London Logo

Derwent London is the UK’s No. 1 company that develops and manages office properties in London. For many years, the company has strived to be sustainable, ensuring that sustainability is implemented throughout the design and delivery of its products, but also by maintaining strong relationships in the communities in which the company operates.

They care about their employees and encourage continuous personal development, recognizing and nurturing high performance. The sustainable program is also concerned with the environment, and includes the reduction of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, as well as efficiency in terms of resources and energy.

  1. Amanco

In search of less polluting raw materials, pipe and fittings manufacturer Amanco has innovated in formulating its products using cleaner technologies. One of the company’s highlights was the replacement of the solvent toluene, which can cause workers to rely on inhaling its vapor, for one that has less impact on health and the environment. For this initiative, the company in 2009 won the Sustentax seal, which certifies sustainable products. Since then, as part of its materials engineering efforts, the company has also changed the formula of other products, such as stabilizers, that no longer contain lead in their formula, eliminating the risk of metal poisoning among its employees.

  1. Johnson & Johnson

The company has been setting environmental goals for nearly 30 years and is committed to continually improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of products and processes.

They partner with leading organizations on innovative approaches to reducing their impact on climate and water resources. The company aims to increase the recyclability of its consumer product packaging through recyclable designs and sustainable partnerships.

  1. Alcoa

American company Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum maker, has also excelled when it comes to sustainability in the business world. Concerned about reconciling economic development with environmental conservation, it has been working, for just over a year, in a bauxite mine in the municipality of Gorete, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, using techniques that reduce environmental impacts. The company aims to turn Goretti into a reference for social and environmental performance in the mining sector.

The company has set up a special council to discuss municipal development with local communities and government, as well as a fund to fund social actions in the area.

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