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Understand what the formation of the fourth farm will be like

Understand what the formation of the fourth farm will be like

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10/12/2021 06h27update in 10/12/2021 06h40

Rico Melquiades has the task of nominating a pawn for the fourth farm.”farm 13″ (RecordTV) Tonight. Comedian, Get out of the hot seat last weekGuaranteed immunity and the right to send a colleague out of confinement directly to the faeces in the garden – Rikuo has already speculated to refer to at least six names -.

For the second time, Bil Araújo did a good job on “The Farm” and won the fire test. By voting on TikTok The strength of the red flame was chosen: a pawn that possessed the strength would have a two-weight sound at the time of the formation of the garden.

In addition to this power, there is also the Yellow Flame, which will be revealed only in today’s program. Bill will choose one of them and hand the other over to his fellow prisoner.

Victor and Denho, who were also in contention and lost the race, went straight to the stall and pulled out Erasmo and Solange respectively. One of the four will be pulled into the field directly. It is worth remembering that, since they are in the bay, they cannot be voted for the hot seat.

Check out which pawns can be rated for Roca

  • Bill Araujo
  • gui arugu
  • MC Gui
  • Thiago Picuelo
  • Tate Brix Shack
  • Maylady Mihaly
  • Diane Melo
  • Valentina Francavilla
  • Marina Ferry
  • Aline Mineiro
  • Larry Booty
  • City Matos