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Rede TV! continua no último lugar entre as grandes redes

In the TV ranking, Rede TV! He insists not to leave the last place – the post

Television has always been an excellent business. Those who have their own, do not give, exchange or sell, especially when in front of them there are people trained in their management and ready to make the business go forward.

This is here and in every corner of the world.

Band, after a difficult period, with Fausto Silva now hiring and other initiatives, is preparing for a fresh start.

Or, at least, he’ll try to reduce his distance from Globo, Record, and SBT in the rankings.

And why only Rede TV! You still have not presented anything practical or at least revealed any intention to better position themselves in the scenario of the large Brazilian networks?

It’s hard to know what plans or what he thinks of your direction, but looking from the outside, it gives the impression of disinterest.

The production load has been reduced to the necessary minimum and little, in its programming network, still resists and attracts attention.

Unlike all the others, it seems rather intentional and there is even this desire to go unnoticed. Unfortunately.


After participating in the first seasons of “A Lei ao Amor” in 2016, Denise Fraga is returning to the TV series in “Um Lugar ao Sol”, the next ninth season on Globo, which will premiere in November.

Julia, your character is a failed singer, mother of Philip, mother of Gabrielle Leone’s character, and daughter of psychoanalyst Anna Virginia (Regina Braga).

the customs

From Wednesday, “Hoje em Dia” Cesar Filho will return, after being replaced by Celso Zucatelli and a short break in Trancoso.

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The title quartet was replayed, with Tician Pinheiro, Renata Alves and Anna Hickman.


“…You are very welcome! It will be a lovely exchange, my new partner. Happy and excited about the story we are going to write together.”

With this letter addressed to Maju Coutinho, Poliana Abreta puts aside rumors of the immediate departure of “Fantástico”.

for the last

Globo has already figured out almost everything regarding the moves resulting from Tadeu Schimdt’s departure to ‘BBB’. It remains only to summon a new professional to present the “Gols do Fantástico”.

Was it Philip Andreoli? Or Thiago Oliveira? Or perhaps alternating names?

non stop

After recording the new season of “El Presidente” on Amazon and the movie “Eike – Tudo ou Nada”, Bokassa as his son-in-law began to participate in the work of the second edition of “Arcanjo Renegado” for Globoplay.

Play Nigerian Hotimi with all its lines in English.

It worked very well

“Fazenda News”, with Fabiana Oliveira and guests on Record News, this year’s creation became a hit for the public.

Exhibit right after “A Fazenda,” echoing everything that happens there.

has a history

Paulo Soares, Amigao and Antero Greco are set to return to lead “Sportscenter,” the latest edition, on Monday, on ESPN Brasil.

Yes sure. It is a way out of the similarity of the programs offered during the day. Shallow topics, empty discussions, little content.

And let’s gather

While Disney’s efforts and even goodwill in bringing the ESPN and Fox Sports teams together should be acknowledged, it also concluded that this initiative did not produce the expected results.

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It is not turned on. Like it or not, you have a serious split.

break the wave

Globo, placing Tiago Leifert at the Superdança show, between Fausto Silva’s departure and Luciano Huck’s departure on Sunday, played down the effects of the exchange.

There is plenty of time to apply the new “Domingão” without risking further comparisons.

I can talk?

The arrival of VAR overlapped with the sports narratives, because at the time of the goal, for example, the pitch decision could be modified by the cabin referee. vice versa.

Most of them just go and don’t go, swallow yelp or yell afterward, which is very strange. very crazy.

It deserves recognition

In this regard, the narrator Rogério Assis, of the Bandeirantes radio station, has decided to make a difference and is doing well.

Keep swinging. While the cutout doesn’t show, it maintains the atmosphere, narrating the moment. If he had to come back later, he would also come back without any problems. It must be nearby.

the press

Adriana Perrone joins the cast of “JR 24h” presenters.

She began co-working with Camila Bosnilo, Patricia Costa, Giovanna Risardo, Salce Lima and Janine Borba.

hit rebound

• Paulo Goulart Filho, who used to work at “Genesis”, plans to open a production company in the United States …

• … The representative told the reporter Eliseo Caetano of TV Fama.

• The Band’s main entrance, where exterior doors are usually placed with home attractions, get ready for the next…

• …Very soon, “Faustão na Band”, already underway.

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• Amazon Prime Video celebrated the release of “Maradona: Conquest of a Dream” on the 29th day…

• …The biographical series, with the victories and challenges of the Argentine ace, will reach more than 240 countries and territories. There will be five episodes.

• Band’s Formula 1 calls well prepared…

• …for example, the US Grand Prix on the 24th.

• With people looking forward to the millionaire prize and nonsense of the most diverse genres, will there still be a couple in this version of “A Fazenda”? …

• …work is underway for its fourth abolition.

• The feature film “Turma da Mônica – Lessons” starring Isabel Drummond will be shown in theaters on December 30th…

• …the cast also includes Monica Uzzi and Louise Pacini playing Monica’s parents (Julia Bennett), Paolo Felhena and Vava Rino playing Cipollina’s parents (Kevin Vecchiato) …

• …Malu Mader makes a cameo as a teacher for a Monics class.

• People from “Além da illusion”, a new Telenovela of the Six, from Globo, decided to extend their visit to Poços de Caldas …

• …there will be recorded scenes that were planned in Rio de Janeiro.