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The rise in the income of public service employees and the income of the private sector in the clutches of the epidemic – News

The rise in the income of public service employees and the income of the private sector in the clutches of the epidemic – News

a novel coronavirus pandemic جائحة Show significant differences between the most diverse sectors of the economy. In terms of wages, while formal workers in the private sector saw a 0.76% drop in income, those in the public sector saw average wage growth of 3.54% in the past year.

According to data from the PNAD (National Household Sample Questionnaire), conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the average income of employees with a formal contract working in the private sector decreased from R$2,358 to R$2,340. Meanwhile, wages for public employees have increased from R$3,980 to R$4,121 since the start of the pandemic.

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With this move, the average salary earned by professionals in the private sector is now 56.78% of the salary earned by civil servants. Before the pandemic, it was 59.25%, which is an advance equivalent to 9.8% in the salary difference between the two periods.

The salary disparity is even greater when analyzing private professionals without a formal contract, whose average income is R$1,561, a figure corresponding to only 37.9% of the income of public servants and only 0.52% higher than the income. received a year ago.

According to the survey data, the average wage of civil servants is only exceeded by employers, who earn, on average, R$5,980 per month, an amount that decreased by 5.36% between the first quarters of 2020 and 2021.


In the analysis by sectors of the economy, the professionals most affected were those who work in activities that include accommodation and food. They saw the average salary melt by 9.68% in a one-year period, going from R$1,591 to R$1,437.

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Losses were also calculated for workers in transportation, warehousing and mail (-7.84%), in the areas of information and communications, financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities (-4.91%), other services (-3.68%), household services (-3.65%) and commercial activities (-1.7). %).

On the other hand, public administration professionals (+5.3%) and freelance professionals (+0.05%) saw income improve from the first quarter of 2020 to the first three months of 2021.