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Caixa Tem must release loans of up to 300 BRL |  Accounting Gazette Network

Caixa Tem must release loans of up to 300 BRL | Accounting Gazette Network

Caixa Econômica Federal must provide Caixa Tem App users with a credit limit in the amounts of R$100, R$200, and R$300. The balance will be released once the emergency assistance payment is completed.

Pedro Guimarães, President of Caixa, confirmed that the loans will be made available directly by Caixa Tem. The bank aims to make the application a more useful tool and make it more accessible to Brazilians.

Photo: Marcelo Casal Jr. / Agência Brasil

Initially, Caixa Tem was only developed to pay emergency aid and other government social programs.

The chief of Caixa said that the wish is to prevent a large number of people from going to the branches.

“The lines were reduced a lot, and as the months went by, the use of Caixa Team was more intense,” Guimarães said.

What caught our eye was the partnership between Caixa and Visa, which will allow a prize campaign of up to R$250,000. Only app users will be able to compete.

Prizes will be drawn for those who use the virtual debit card available at Caixa Tem.

Watch the awards

1,400 prepaid cards will be drawn in the amount of R$50, R$100 and R$250;
Up to four monthly prepaid card draws of R$10,000 each;
A gold certificate worth 250 thousand Brazilian riyals. However, Caixa recommends that the winner invest the value in items such as cars or popular homes.

How to participate?

To participate, one must register on the Caixa Tem app, and use the virtual debit card available on the platform.

Access the “Vai de Visa” platform and register;
Then, all you have to do is make four purchases of any amount, using the Caixa Tem virtual debit card function;
For every four purchases, a number will be provided to the user, which will be used to compete for prizes in a raffle. There is no limit to purchase.

Editing by Jorge Roberto Rigit Cunha – Journalist Contapel

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