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“The president believes in Brazilian science,” says the minister

“The president believes in Brazilian science,” says the minister

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, made a national statement Tuesday night (29). In just over four minutes, Pontes defended the country’s independence in vaccine production.

The government has adopted another stance regarding immunization against Covid-19. The minister stressed the importance of the vaccine. During the speech, Marcos Pontes said that since the beginning of the pandemic, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has requested the development of a national vaccine against the virus.

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The president has shown himself several times against the vaccine, and says he has not been immunized against Covid-19.

The Minister of Science said during the speech that Brazil relies on foreign technologies to produce vaccines, and that None of them have been developed using Brazilian technology.

“History shows us that when great disasters befall mankind, great results also occur, especially in science and technology. The president believed in Brazilian sciencesAnd he decided to invest in technology to manufacture the vaccines in our history.”

The pasta occupant confirmed that the investments were sent to the National Vaccine Technology Center. According to him, the country now has the technology to “accurately and quickly” produce vaccines and medicines.

The minister mentions the production of vaccines against dengue, Zika and chikungunya, which, he says, are neglected.” Finally, Marcos Pontes says that the national vaccine against Covid-19 is already being tested, and that it may be better than “the vaccines that exist today.”

In December 2021, the federal government allocated R$100 million for infrastructure to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to invest in research laboratories in the country.

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This is the last statement of Marcos Pontes as a government minister. The politician will leave the Bolsonaro government to contest this year’s elections. Pontes should try to get a seat as a federal deputy for Sao Paulo, for the PL party, the same legend as Bolsonaro.

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