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The owner of Facebook admits that she exploited the weaknesses of young people, according to the newspaper – News

The owner of Facebook admits that she exploited the weaknesses of young people, according to the newspaper – News

Summarize the news

  • Meta, the owner of Facebook, is accused of exploiting the psychological vulnerabilities of young users.
  • Internal documents reveal a plan to lure teens and encourage reckless behavior.
  • US lawsuit alleges Meta designed addictive features; The company denies the accusations.
  • Charges include failure to protect children under 13; Mita says he is working on the problem.

Internal documents date back to 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic
Reuters/Joanna Giron

a Goalthe company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, developed products to take advantage of the psychological vulnerabilities of young users. Information from the Wall Street Journal, we.

The vehicle claims to have had access to internal company documents. A 2020 presentation talked about exploring the part of teens’ minds that leaves them “vulnerable to impulses, peer pressure, and potentially harmful behaviors.”

These papers are part of a process that has been pending in US courts since October. It was moved by coalition members from 41 states and the District of Columbia. The allegation is that Meta designed addictive features for young people on Facebook and Instagram.

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“Teens are insatiable when it comes to the feel-good effects of dopamine. Every time one of our teen users encounters something unexpected, their brain delivers a surge of dopamine to them,” the document states.

According to the accusation, these tools provide stimulants that trigger neurotransmission in the brains of young users.

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Moreover, Meta was allegedly already aware of the flaws in the platform’s protections against the presence of children under 13, who cannot access social networks under US law. However, internal presentations praised Instagram’s “penetration of 11-12 year olds”.

According to the company’s own data, there are 4 million underage users in the United States alone.

Meta counters and talks about “distortion”

Meta spokeswoman Stephanie Ottway denied the allegations, saying: “The complaint misrepresents our work by using selective quotes and cherry-picked documents.”

A company representative says the company is working to remove underage users, but this is a “complicated” issue. So, according to Otway, Meta supports the project that wants to give parents more control over what kids under 16 download to their devices.

Amid complaints, Facebook changed the company name to Meta