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The new iOS update is now available;  Check the news

The new iOS update is now available; Check the news

31. This new version of the iPhone is now available to everyone devices Compatible update. With this, the user will be able to access many functions that were planned before An apple. It is worth noting that for the first time it will be possible to delete an application that has already been downloaded to the mobile phone, which was not allowed by the system before.

iOS 16, which until then was the last update to the iPhone operating system, is starting to show another problem, according to user reports. This time, the new error is known as flickering, which is when the phone screen starts flickering involuntarily. Mostly, the problem was happening on iPhone 13 devices although some OLED screen devices are also experiencing the same operational issue.

Flickering-like issues also occurred on older devices, such as the 11 and 12 models, but they were fixed after they were updated. While this bug has not been fixed by the brand, the momentary solution that users have found is to use the higher brightness screen, although this reduces the battery life of the cell phone.

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What’s new in iOS 16.1 update

Live activities:

With this new feature, users will get real-time news, even when the screen is locked. Thus, they will be notified of the outcome of the game taking place at that moment, or the progress made during a physical activity.

Apple Wallet may be deleted:

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For the first time, the user will be able to delete the “Apple Wallet” app from their device if they wish. Previously, the Apple operating system did not allow this functionality. At the moment, this is the only Apple app that can be deleted.

Support issue:

Being a great novelty, it is a transparent connection between different compatible accessories, which will be able to work simultaneously.

iCloud Shared Photo Library:

In this new feature, it will be possible to create a separate library, where up to 6 people can add new photos.

clean loading:

This technology aims to reduce the number of carbon emissions. With this, the charging time will be improved, if the grid is used in a cleaner power source.

Battery percentage symbol:

It will now be possible to enable the battery icon on the XR, 11, 12 mini and 13 mini devices. To do this, just go to settings and click on the “battery percentage icon”.

It is worth noting that this new update is available for all iPhones that have iOS 16 version, i.e. from iPhone 8 to the latest model.