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The new chapter in the “series” that became Anna Hickman's breakup

The new chapter in the “series” that became Anna Hickman's breakup

Anna HickmanWhen you confirm that he is actually dating Ido Guedesdelivers a new chapter in the love-hate plot he recently starred in with the former businessman Alexander Correa. Although they have publicly denied several times that they were having an affair, contrary to what Alexander claimed, Anna and Edo are closer than ever. The column that follows every detail of this turbulent love triangle, below, step-by-step, tells this series-worthy story.

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Anna Hickman on Edo Guedes: 'I'm not dating, but he's cute'

The strange chapter in Anna Hickman's breakup: Son sues mother

New action by Anna Hickman against her ex-husband, after possible intimidation

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The strange reason for Anna Hickman's ex to request the arrest of Edo Guedes

Failing to hold a “fundraiser” for Anna Hickman's ex

Former Anna Hickman is suing the band and presenter

The court ordered a psychosocial evaluation of Anna Hickman's son

Anna Hickman's ex-girlfriend is doing virtual crowdfunding, after a failed attempt by fans

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Edo Geddes is suing his ex Anna Hickman for defamation

The long-awaited meeting between Anna Hickman and her ex-lover Alexandre Correa

Anna Hickman's ex-girlfriend explains why she is calling for the presenter to be arrested

Alexander Correa requests the arrest of Anna Hickman for a crime; interact

What is the common denominator in the family feud between the celebrities that rocked 2023?

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Anna Hickman's ex-girlfriend tries to make herself a victim: no light, no phone, no roof

Michelle Bolsonaro wants to meet Anna Hickman

Behind the scenes of the tense meeting between Anna Hickman's ex-lover and her son

Anna Hickman's ex blames Lola for personal bankruptcy

How Paulo Guedes will help Anna Hickman with financial management

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The reason Anna Hickman's husband filed for divorce

Anna Hickman's husband gave up joint custody of their son

How can Anna Hickman prove her ideological husband is lying?

Why did the court refuse to divorce Anna Hickman under the Maria da Penha law?

Lola's comment on Anna Hickman's aggression

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Anna Hickman reveals the reason for Alexander Correa's aggression: “The scoundrel”

Alexander Correa The police stormed the door of his property

Anna Hickman records video after the attack: 'Everything is not okay'

Anna Hickman appears on television with a bruise on her arm

Anna Hickman's husband's religious appeal after online outrage

Anna Hickman's problem before a possible divorce

Anna Hickman's troubled relationship with her husband is revealed

Anna Hickman: No ring and group hug when she arrives at the register

Lola's son recalls Anna Hickman's husband's support for Bolsonaro