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BBB24: After Sinirao, Lady throws Devi's clothes into the pool

BBB24: After Sinirao, Lady throws Devi's clothes into the pool

After a heated discussion, Lady Ellen threw Davy's bag into the BBB 24 pool, on Monday (11). The brother went to the confessional to complain about provoking his sister and violating the rules of the reality show.

“You called me low, and now I'll be underground,” said Lady Elaine, throwing off all her Bahian clothes. Then the brother tried to take his sister's bag, but she placed it on top of her belongings and prevented the Bahian from taking it.

The two's discussion began during “Sencerao”, where they did not participate as champions, but merely followed the dynamics in the room. Daffy questioned Yasmine's arguments and Lady defended her friend.

The sister had already threatened to throw Bahian's belongings into the pool last week, and even asked the show's production team if that was allowed. At that time, he informed Bigg Boss that anything was allowed, as long as there was no physical assault.

The clashes against Devi, which intensified after Wanisa's elimination, cost the sister dearly. Leidy Elin is losing followers on social media.

The Rio native has already crossed the 415k follower mark on her Instagram profile. But in the early hours of this Tuesday (12), the numbers began to decline, currently reaching 383 thousand.

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