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Who left BBB 22: Vinicius is the eighth eliminated |  At present

Who left BBB 22: Vinicius is the eighth eliminated | At present

Well, it’s time, and when it’s over we’ll be 12 – and look at who we have in Paredão: Vini is a huge fan of BBB; Gustavo, the man who studied this BBB; And Scooby, the guy who just went to understand BBB When I was already inside, a man had already asked to vote for himself, a man had already asked to veto himself. Of these three, who played the worst? Who has not won the audience to the point of continuing the show? Who doesn’t want to play? What is the correct way to play? Whatever the style, one thing is key: spontaneity. The audience perceives it and the audience takes it,” the presenter begins.

“I will conclude with a few verses, it is a version I made of a little house that was very successful a short time ago: From sorrow, it became joy. From a dream, it became reality. BBBEnjoyed every moment and found the best deal. And despite the setbacks, he did not cease to be a source of great pride for Krato. Who’s leaving today is you, Vinnie! “

Announce the result. Vinicius ranks eighth outside the board with 55.87% of the vote. Gustavo got 39.51% and Pedro Scobe 4.62%.

Eliezer cries when his friend leaves and Slovenia is surprised. Then the detained other rises to hug their brother. On embracing Paolo Andre, Vinicius comments: “My first like.”

BBB 22: Vinicius receives the affection of the prisoners – Photo: Globo

He also says goodbye to Lollipopers with a hug. Eliezer cries a lot when his friend leaves. The former brother asks his friends: “Take care of him for the sake of God!”.

BBB 22: Vinicius leaves allies embracing – Photo: Globo

He leaves hand in hand with allies and says:

“When I got here, I received 19 hearts from the Queridometro. I leave with all my heart. If everyone here gives me a little of theirs, I’ll leave a little of my heart too. I can be loved, embrace me, I can be me. I don’t want to be left sad.”

BBB 22: Vinicius says goodbye to his friends – Photo: Globo

When Eliezer and his friends last hugged him, he jokingly said: “If it’s a false wall, see you next week! ”

Vinicius is the eighth to be eliminated from the BBB22 – Photo: Globo

Listen to the podcastBBB it’s up:

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