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Wanessa Camargo speaks out again about 'BBB24' and apologizes to Davey

Wanessa Camargo speaks out again about 'BBB24' and apologizes to Davey

Wanessa Camargo He spoke again on social media to talk about his time in “BBB24“(Globo TV). She said in a video clip that she posted on her Instagram account on the evening of Tuesday, the 12th of this month, that she admitted her failures regarding the treatment provided to participant Davi, her goal in the match.

The singer left the reality show on the second day after being eliminated for attacking her colleague. Three days later, she spoke for the first time to reassure her fans that she was fine and that she would understand everything that happened so that she could speak to her fans with more clarity. As promised, a week later I posted again.

“Hi guys. As I said in the previous video, I needed to take some time to digest everything that happened in my life over the past few days and it was really good, because time takes care of putting everything in its right place. The new video, highlights the recognition that their behavior It was driven by structural racism.

“I'm not afraid to look in the mirror, recognize, and learn, and that's why I'm here. Because today I understand that some of my rhetoric and actions within the BBB house in relation to Duffy fall within the scope of Structural racism “It is rooted in society, within us, the privileged people, and we end up practicing it without realizing it.”

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“Yes, I owe an apology to Davey, and by extension to his family and to all black people who felt hurt and offended. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart,” she said, adding that learning about this issue still has a long way to go.

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