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The minister says that the studies of the Lula government go back to the CPMF

The minister says that the studies of the Lula government go back to the CPMF

a Lula’s government Studying the return of temporary contribution to financial transactions (CPMF), according to the Minister Social securityCarlos Luby. The courier told reporters on Monday the 22nd that the tribute was “a fair tax.”

According to Lupi, the tax appeal of financing the Brazilian Social Security System is subject to evaluation by the portfolio. However, the decision depends on the economic region.


“I think – and I’ll contradict many on this one, because it’s a lot of wear and tear, but I say what I think – that the CPMF is a fair tax,” said the Minister. “Because it costs more than those who trade more money, but it’s not an isolated discussion.”

Last week, Luby and the National Union of Services discussed funding for the public pension system. During the meeting, the trade union entity presented alternatives related to the exemption from payroll, including the possibility of appealing the CPMF, which is mandated to fund a district health.

Luby did not give more details about the possibility of collecting tribute. Nor did he say whether the change would affect the way Pix is.

Initially, Lula’s government ruled out the CPMF’s appeal

Haddad: The January 8th CPMI conference does not threaten the Lula government’s economic agenda | Photo: Jose Cruz/Agência Brasil

The CPMF was extinguished in 2007. Minister of Finance in Lula’s new government, Fernando Haddad, ruled out the resumption of the compulsory contribution. “It is not on our radar, not in the government’s plan, not in the economic zone’s plans,” Haddad declared in March of this year.