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News from Sabesp, Brisanet, Auren and other companies

News from Sabesp, Brisanet, Auren and other companies

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Updated at 23:02 with the result of Oi

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Loss of Oi (OIBR3) in Q4 ’22 was R$17.6 billion

After the postponements, Oi (OIBR3), a company subject to injunctive recovery, released results for the fourth quarter of 2022 (Q4 22) on Monday evening the 22nd.

The company recorded a net loss of R$17.66 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In the fourth quarter of 21, the loss amounted to R$ 3.55 billion.

Oi’s Ebitda was negative at R$15.16 billion in Q4 ’22. In Q4 ’21, Ebitda was negative at R$1.202 billion.

Ebitda red tape decreased from R$1.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 21 to R$396 million in the fourth quarter of 22.

In the fourth quarter of ’22, EBITDA for Brazilian operations decreased by 76.8% year-over-year.

According to the company, the effects of this decrease are related to the completion of the sale of UPIs – leaving the positive contribution of the mobile operation and the new fiber operating model, in line with Oi’s transformation plan.

Also according to Oi, non-routine items added up to a negative total of R$15.6 billion in the quarter and mainly indicate impairment of assets related to legacy services, due to decline in fixed line revenue associated with higher fixed operating expenses; Write off the accounts receivable balance resulting from the end of the settlement process with the physical controls of each of them; And the provision related to the space capacity contract – the amount no longer impacts operating expenses and is now recognized as a onerous liability on the balance sheet.

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Sabesp wins a public tender in the municipality of Olympia

The Basic Sewerage Company of the State of São Paulo – SBSP3 (SBSP3) has won the public tender of the City of Olympia, São Paulo, with a fixed grant value of R$148 million, for the 30-year provision of public services for water supply and sanitation.

The information was released on Monday the 22nd.

Olympia is located 430 km from the capital, São Paulo, and has an estimated population of about 56,000.

Sabseb explained that the municipality has comprehensive water and sewage coverage rates and will require operational and commercial efforts, efficiency and water losses.

Brisanet (BRIT3) expects to pay the dividend

Brisanet Participações (BRIT3) reported on Monday night 22, that it expects to pay dividends relating to the financial year ending 31 December 2022, as approved at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting held last 20 April.

The amount is R$14,418,007.38 for R$0.032345871 per common share.

All shareholders who own ordinary shares issued by the Company at the end of the trading session on the base date of April 20, 2023 are entitled to the dividend.

The shares become non-dividend effective April 24th.

The dividend will be paid on May 30, 2023.

CWI Repositions Quero-Quero Stores (LJQQ3)

Capital World Investors (CWI), an independent investment division of Capital Research and Management Company, reported that it sold the entirety of the shares it manages in common stock issued by Lojas Quero-Quero for 9,794,360 shares ON, which is 5.2295% of this type of stock. Involved.

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The information contained in a letter sent to the company on Monday the 22nd.

Also according to the correspondence received, no other CWI economic group company has an ownership interest in Lojas Quero-Quero.

Banco Bmg (BMGB4) has completed the acquisition of 5% of the share capital of Granito

Banco Bmg (BMGB4) announced on Monday, the 22nd, that the Bank’s acquisition of 5% of the share capital of Granito Instituição de Pagamento, owned by minority shareholders, has been completed for R$10 million.

Inter (INBR32) also informed on Monday of the conclusion of the acquisition, by Banco Inter, of 5% of the capital of the Granito Instituição de Pagamento.

With the implementation of the transaction, BMG and Banco Inter now hold 50% of the total share capital and voting of Granito, and the corporate governance structure and interbank control of Granito remains unchanged.

Auren Energia (AURE3) reports the disposition of the relevant shareholding

Auren Energia (AURE3) has received communications from Squadra Investimentos. The manager reported the sale of property rights owned by the investment funds under its management.

Funds managed by Squadra have negotiated shares issued by the company, which together now own 49,624,426 common shares, which equals 4.96% of the total shares issued by Auren Energia.

Of the aforementioned total amount, 1,131,673 common shares were donated on loan.

Squadra also reported that the operations carried out do not aim to change the composition of shareholding control or the management structure of the company.

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