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The jury member points out the inspectors' lies about Gabigol

The jury member points out the inspectors' lies about Gabigol

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Gabigol has been suspended from football until April 2025

Since March 25, Gabigol has been absent from activities as a professional footballer. This is because, following a ruling by the Anti-Doping Court for Sport (TJD-AD), the player ended up being found guilty of attempted fraud in an anti-doping test. However, out of nine members of the jury, four voted to acquit the athlete. Among these Vice President Selma Fátima Melo Rocha, who referred to “lies” and “the attempt to criminalize Gabigol at any cost.”by those responsible for collection.

In the report prepared by Salma Fatima to justify the vote, the Vice President emphasized challenging the behavior of the inspectors. “Look at A Malicious behavior by DCOs to criminalize the athlete at all costsHe said in part justification. Furthermore, Salma also said that Gabriel should only be sentenced if very serious problems were reported, which she said did not happen.

Gabigol receives the Rio Champion's Medal
Even with his suspension, Gabigol was still remembered by Flamengo in the Carioca Championship awards and is registered in the Libertadores. (Image: clone/flamingo)

The Vice President still justified the acquittal vote, as he objected to the action carried out by the ABCD (Brazilian Anti-Doping Association). This is because, in her opinion, there were not even the necessary number of professionals to properly examine all athletes. Besides this, controversial reports from the inspectors also strengthened Selma Fatima's arguments for voting for Gabigol:

Sometimes they claim that they were prevented from accompanying the athlete, and sometimes they deny this fact. Each DCO assigns the other the responsibility of escorting the athlete to the room […] It is clear, then, that they are lying, and their testimony should be completely dismissed.Salma explained.

Other jury members also defended Gabigol

a Auditor Fernanda Farina Mansour was also among those who pointed out inconsistencies in the inspectors' testimonies, which caused “difficulties in clarification” and “a series of doubts.”. Furthermore, Fernanda draws attention to the name of an official who appears on the form, but the official says he was not involved in the collection process.

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Jean-Battista Nicolau, another auditor who voted for the acquittal, commented on the athlete's behavior, which was not ideal during the procedure. However, Jan stated that there was no evidence of attempted fraud or profiteering during the proceeding. Furthermore, the auditor also reports discrepancies in inspectors' data.

“There is conflicting information regarding accompanying the athlete and the procedures for collecting urine and sealing sample vials. One officer said the athlete was left for a 'long period' without proper supervision. Another said it was only a few minutes. Jean justified in one of the clips.

*Excerpts initially provided were obtained by GE.

Gabigol and Flamengo are waiting for the next seasons

Gabigol's defence, supported by Flamengo, submitted an application for suspensive effect to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The idea is to get the athlete released before the crucial trial, which has not yet been scheduled. However, a response is expected by the beginning of May.

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