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The Federation attacks Botafogo for demanding the dismissal of the referees

The Federation attacks Botafogo for demanding the dismissal of the referees

1. ABRAFUT is the entity that represents the 492 (four hundred and ninety-two) referees of the Brazilian Confederation, and is the only entity recognized by the Brazilian Confederation and the Supreme Court of Sports Justice of Football (STJD), to represent referees;

2. The serious and repeated conclusions reached by Mr. John Charles Textor, Director of SAF BOTAFOGO, speaking since last year, involving the alleged existence of match-fixing in Brazilian football, have not been supported or supported by any evidence to date. , Whatever.
Despite the aforementioned director being summoned, by the Supreme Sports Court of Football, to hand over any type of documents that could justify the serious conclusions and accusations made;

3. The aforementioned manager continues to manipulate football fans and workers, using the press to chant slogans, and constantly questioning the suitability of people who work honestly and honorably in football.

It is worth noting that the team he managed had countless sporting opportunities to achieve its goals, which included failing the normal performance standards of the professional athletes on his team, situations that occur in the sporting and humanitarian field, after all, no one can do that. Be perfect every time. Human beings are subject to involuntary and unwanted failures and errors and therefore should not be suspected of intentional wrongful act;

4. By citing – without the slightest responsibility or evidence, only based on a personal opinion based on the topics – two of the most respected referees in Brazil, South America and the world, with an extensive international CV, including men's and women's World Cup finals in several categories, Dozens of finalists, selected for the Paris Olympics (Diane Muniz) and in the 2026 World Cup draft (Rafael Close), the aforementioned leader takes a position completely opposite to what is expected of someone with minimal responsibility with a professional career and an impeccable history as a human being.

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Both professionals are examples of dedication to refereeing, and as human beings, they are professionals of the highest level, and the ability and seriousness with which they approach football is a reference for several generations of referees, in many countries.