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The Jaragua do Sul Innovation Center presents work for the Department of Science and Technology

The Advisor to the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation, Murilo Mafra, was in Jaraguá do Sul, north of Santa Catarina, on a visit to exchange knowledge at the Noval Hub, the city’s innovation hub.

Entourage showed an area covering 24 initiatives installed at the Jaraguá do Sul site. – Image: Disclosure / Novale Hub Mafra was welcomed by the CEO of Novale Hub, Nelson Neto and the President of the Associação Centro de Inovação Jaraguá do Sul, Luis Leigue. Learn about the structure of the Innovation Center, be able to better understand the process carried out by the Technology Innovation Center (NIT) JaraguaTec, as well as receive an overview of the process.

Today, Novale Hub has 24 proven initiatives, whether they are incubated or resident companies or in the process of softlanding.

The agenda was part of the District Secretariat’s itinerary that same day, divided between local businesses and public bodies.

The visit was also accompanied by the technical staff of the Novale Hub and representatives of the Jargua do Sul City Council and the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (Fiesc).

For the CEO of Novale Hub, approximation with the new Santa Catarina government structure is fundamental to the continuity of the work carried out since 2018 in Vale do Itapocu. “The integration process, which has been forged in recent years and is now starting to take off, can only happen if we have the support of society and the public sector, especially the state government,” said Nelson Neto.