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A sign of dementia can be seen during sleep

A sign of dementia can be seen during sleep

Dementia is a serious disease that mainly affects the elderly. Recently, researchers identified a marker that could indicate the disease in your body up to ten years before an official diagnosis, as well as a strong association between the condition and sudden movements during sleep. Therefore, we present these details about the sign that can appear years before the disease is diagnosed.

Signs of dementia can be seen during sleep

Now check out all the details about this sign of dementia that appears during sleep:

dementia and sleep

Dementia is a disease that causes forgetfulness and can lead to a loss of mental function. There is a variant of this disease, Lewy body dementia, which is deeper and causes hallucinations and difficulty moving. A sign of this dementia can appear during sleep, so it is classified as a disorder, because people who experience hallucinations, lucid dreams, and sudden movements during sleep are a factor that must be highlighted as a sign of dementia.

However, it is important to note that Lewy body dementia affects the brain and is caused by abnormal protein deposits within brain cells. And when they accumulate, they cause a loss of brain and muscle function. but, Scientists It is believed that the sleep signal, being a sleep disorder, may appear ten years before this type of dementia is diagnosed. In general, people get this disease already in the elderly, as early as 60 years old.

Sleep disorders

Although sleep disturbances are a great sign, it is worth noting that not all conditions can be considered an indicator of illness.

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It is worth noting that 75% to 80% of people with dementia with Lewy bodies were men, and they had sleep disturbances.