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UFG offers a free online course with 30 thousand places;  Learn how to register |  Goiás

UFG offers a free online course with 30 thousand places; Learn how to register | Goiás

Federal University of Goiás (UFG), through the Open University of the Unified Health System (UNA-SUS), is offering 30,000 free online course places to the entire community, but primarily to candidates interested in the health field. The topic is “How does the use of digital certificates enhance the legal validity of digital signatures in Brazil?”.

Applications can be submitted until April 24, 2023 at Site. The course is a professional qualification and students will receive a 10-hour certificate.

According to UNA-SUS, the aim of the course is to promote ideas about digital certificates and the importance of their use in the health field, such as patient health information security.

The mini-course will address what digital certificates and signatures are, their purposes, applications, benefits and legal validity in Brazil. The platform will use video tutorials, infographics, world map, flowchart, quiz, podcast, questionnaires with automated feedback and supplementary materials.

Check below the course description and target audience, as described by UNA-SUS.

UFG offers a free online course with 30,000 places – Photo: Disclosure / UNA-SUS

  • Health directors at the municipal, state, and county levels
  • Health professionals with a high school education or higher, preferably those who make up family health strategy teams and use electronic medical records to record health information
  • IT professionals
  • Others are interested in the topic

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