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The Government of Republika Srpska will transfer R$30 million to small hospitals

The Government of Republika Srpska will transfer R$30 million to small hospitals

The Government of Republika Srpska will transfer R$30 million to small hospitals
On Wednesday morning (8/16), Governor Eduardo Leite and Health Minister Areta Bergman signed Decree 750/2023 – Photo: Gustavo Mansour/SECOM

a The state government This morning, Wednesday (16), he signed Decree 750/2023 for the year SES (Department of Health) which 30 million Brazilian reals For HPP (small hospital) patients. The announcement was made by Governor Eduardo Leite and Health Secretary Aretta Bergman.

The resources are part of a new phase of the Avançar na Saúde programme. According to Arita, another R$30 million is expected to be released by 2024 for small hospitals to carry out business and purchase equipment, adding, overall, an investment of R$60 million over two years.

Governor Eduardo Leite justified signing the decree. “It is necessary to strengthen at the regional level, but it is also important to do it at the micro-regional level. Small hospitals are configured to serve as first support, assistance and reference in some services, ”he said.

The category of HPPs includes hospitals with up to 50 beds that serve SUS (Unified Health System), as well as those that do not yet serve SUS, but will do so after fundraising. The amounts stipulated in the decree should be allocated to up to 125 hospitals that meet the requirements. The goal of the program is to recover, refurbish, expand and acquire equipment.

Health units interested in receiving a resource transfer from this decree must submit a project or proposal through the SES website, within 30 days of signing the document.


According to the law, priority will be given to projects involving establishments that need to comply with legislation in order to obtain a health permit. Initiatives to expand access to SUS users in disciplines and locations with pent-up demand will also be given priority.

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Furthermore, epidemiological characteristics, gaps in care, and geographic and demographic aspects of the regions will be considered to prioritize and rank institutions, allowing for modernization of hospital structures.

Social help

At the time of the announcement, two Social Assistance Trust programs targeting people with social vulnerabilities had been launched. These services will be added to the contribution stipulated in the decree. And for this, small hospitals are of fundamental importance – to lighten the burden of large structures and be assertive. Many institutions have good teams and even closed as a hospital, because they are unable to meet the requirements,” said Areta Bergman.


Currently in Rio Grande do Sul, two out of three municipalities have a population of less than 10,000. Many of these cities have sanitary services for their territory and for the microdistrict. HPPs are configured to provide urgent care, clinical and surgical hospitalization, diagnostic testing, treatment and rehabilitation to users 24 hours a day.

In addition to day-to-day situations, small hospitals also act as medium-complexity care support to medium- and large-sized hospitals, and play an essential role in supporting referrals and counter-referrals to other levels of complexity in the SUS network.