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The government announces the end of looting on the anniversary?  Stepdaughter case at one time!

The government announces the end of looting on the anniversary? Stepdaughter case at one time!

For many Brazilian workers, Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) Represents important financial security. Recently, important changes were announced that will directly impact beneficiaries' pockets: the end of the program Birthday loot And make the loan easier Payroll is linked to FGTS.

In a press conference held on March 15th Labor Minister Luiz MarinhoHe revealed that the government intends to send proposals to the National Conference, later this month, to formalize these changes.

Labor rights expert Leila Cunha offers us an analysis Details of this news, so we can Better understanding of impacts.

End of FGTS withdrawal, what is the impact?

Introduced in 2019 as an alternative to the severance withdrawal model, the annual withdrawal allowed workers annual access to a portion of their account balance. FGTS accountsalways in your birth month.

The idea was to provide a kind of annual “financial break.” The amount each worker is entitled to receive is calculated based on a percentage of the total fund balance, plus an additional fixed amount.

With the abolition of this model, the balance held in the FGTS for workers will be able to continue to perform its original function of being a financial reserve for specific situations, such as unfair dismissal, retirement, obtaining a first home, among other moments determined by law.

What is FGTS?

Hey Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) It is a right of workers governed by Brazilian legislation. It consists of an account opened by the company used in the name of the worker Caixa Economica FederalAn amount equivalent to 8% of the employee’s salary is deposited monthly.

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This amount deposited by the employer is intended as a guarantee Reserve worker A financial system that can be used in some specific cases, such as:

  1. Expulsion without valid reason: In the event of dismissal without a legitimate reason, the worker is entitled to the amount deposited in his FGTS account, in addition to a termination fine equivalent to 40% of the total amount deposited.
  2. Termination by agreement: When there is an agreement between the employer and employee to terminate the employment contract, it is also possible to withdraw the FGTS credit, but with some restrictions.
  3. Buying your own home: FGTS can be used to purchase residential property or amortize or settle outstanding home loan balances.
  4. the retirement: When the worker retires, he can withdraw the FGTS balance accumulated throughout his working life.
  5. Emergency cases: In cases of natural disasters, such as floods and landslides, the government can release FGTS withdrawals to affected workers.

The Social Security Fund is an important guarantee for workers, as it provides a financial reserve that can be used in times of need, whether to buy a house, in cases of unemployment, or in emergency situations.

How will a payroll loan work?

This change It represents a huge advantage For workers looking for more favorable credit terms. like FGTS service As collateral, financial institutions can provide loans at low interest rates. Delisting and deadlines Extended payment terms, which makes the option particularly attractive.

How to use the Christmas draw?

despite of Changes have been announcedThe workers who are still there Want to take advantage of the birthday withdrawal You must follow some steps. All employees who have a valid employment contract under the system CLT And with the balance in FGTS Are eligible to choose this withdrawal method under the current circumstances:

  • The Christmas draw must be chosen by Through the FGTS application;
  • The worker has until the last day of his birth month to request a withdrawal for the current year.
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So, Changes to FGTS It represents a new scenario for Brazilian workers, putting an end to the option of flexible withdrawal and the promise of easier access Credit with more advantageous terms. Careful monitoring of how these changes are implemented is essential for financial planning for the future.