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Earn R$50 on PIX with CPF Note: Learn how to participate and win!

Earn R$50 on PIX with CPF Note: Learn how to participate and win!

Did you know that simply presenting your CPF at the time of purchase can earn you cash prizes? Well, the Government of Paraná has expanded the benefits of the Nota Paraná program, offering not only the possibility to accumulate ICMS credits but also compete for PIX worth R$ 50.00 and other prizes. Let us better understand how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

The Nota Paraná programme, an initiative of the State Treasury, aims to promote financial citizenship by encouraging consumers to request that their CPF be included in their bills at the time of purchase. This simple measure, in addition to its contribution to the fight against tax evasion, has direct benefits for participants, as it turns every purchase into an opportunity to win cash prizes.

To be eligible for these awards, the first step is to register on the official Nota Paraná website. The process is quick and simple, you only need to provide basic information such as CPF, date of birth, full name as well as postal address.

Why join Nota Paraná?

Although the idea of ​​receiving prizes is already a big draw, the benefits of Nota Paraná go even further. By including CPF in the note, consumers accumulate credits that can be transferred directly to their bank accounts or used to pay part of the IPVA. Furthermore, social entities also benefit by receiving credits from donated bills.

How does the accumulation of awards and credits work?

Including the CPF in the note creates electronic tickets that compete for monthly draws. Each month, these draws distribute 15,000 prizes worth 50 Brazilian reals, in addition to larger prizes of up to one million Brazilian reals. In addition, there is the Paraná Pay service, which withdraws 8,000 prizes worth R$100, increasing your chances of winning prizes.

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The prize distribution system takes into account the volume of billing and the commercial activity of municipalities, i.e. cities with greater commercial activity have a greater number of winning tickets. For example, in the last drawing held in March, residents of 381 municipalities were included, demonstrating the broad scope of the program.

So, if you haven't already requested your CPF number in your note because you weren't aware of the benefits, now is a good time to start. In addition to contributing to a fairer economy, participating in the Nota Paraná program can lead to interesting prizes. Make sure you register and don't miss any more chances to win.