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The electricity bill will be adjusted in several states;  See the list

The electricity bill will be adjusted in several states; See the list

According to the calculations of TR Soluções – a technology company specializing in energy tariffs – Electricity bill From the Brazilians will pass Tariff adjustments In this second semester. However, the increases are expected to be smaller compared to the first half of the year.

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It is estimated that consumers served by power distributors will receive the new adjustments or undergo the tariff review process in energy bill Still in 2022. The average expected increase is up to 5.6%.

The percentage is well below the average readjustment of 13.57% in the first six months of 2022. In the past 12 months, projections are for an average increase in housing tariffs of 9.8%.

This represents a reduction in the inflationary impact on the sector through December – in contrast to the over 20% adjustments approved at the start of the year. One of the reasons for high was an app The science of water scarcity That burdened the pockets of the Brazilians.

Countries that will have tariff adjustments on their energy bills in 2022

Below is a list of concessionaires who will remain subject to adjustments in energy tariffs from the second half of 2022:

distributor condition Date
UHNPAL Tocantins 07/22
RR . energy Roraima 10/31
energy catch Rio Grande do Sul 07/22
water Rio Grande do Sul 07/22
Forsell Parana 08/26
ERO Rondonia 12/12
Tropical B Biao 01/12
Tropical Master Maranhão 08/28
tropical for 08/7
EPB Paraiba 08/28
Enel GO Goiás 10/21
ELFSM Holy Spirit 09/22
electrical Rio Grande do Sul 07/22
electrical Sao Paulo 08/27
EFLUL Santa Catarina 08/29
EFLJC Santa Catarina 08/29
EDP ​​SP Sao Paulo 10/22
EDP Holy Spirit 08/7
EAC acre 12/12
DME-PC Minas Gerais 11/21
demi Rio Grande do Sul 07/22
Celt Santa Catarina 08/29
CPFL Piratininga Sao Paulo 10/22
cooperation Santa Catarina 08/29
Chips Goiás 11/21
silisk Santa Catarina 08/22
CEEE Rio Grande do Sul 11/21
CEB Federal District 10/21
CE amaba 12/12
the love Amazon 10/31
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source: TR solutions

When is the electricity bill modified?

Every year, adjustments are made in energy tariffs. They change depending on the distributor. In general, they are made on the anniversary of the contract of each supplier, except for cases when periodic revisions of tariffs are made.

The main purpose of this measure is to transfer the value of the higher corporate costs to the consumer, as well as the increases caused by inflation. To avoid violations in the amendments, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) is responsible for approving the corrections.