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Can people with dirty names start a company?

Can people with dirty names start a company?

In the face of the current economic crisis and the high unemployment rate in Brazil, it is common for many people to have difficulty paying their debts. Therefore, there are countless Brazilians who have to live by the dirty name. A frequent question is whether a virtual citizen can open a business to be able to operate.

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After all, there are many people who choose to become MEI (Individual Small Entrepreneurs) to get out of the unregulated feature. Fear of not being able to settle because of a dirty name.

Who with a dirty name can open a company?

The answer to this question is quite straightforward: yes. Anyone whose name is registered with the Credit Protection Agency can open a corporation. There is no legal obstacle preventing the CNPJ (Cadastro de Pessoa Jurídica) opening process. If you have an inappropriate name, you can still formalize yourself.

The big problem is actually something else. People with a bad name cannot or will find it difficult to get any kind of credit. That is, if you are going to open a company under these conditions, then know that it will be necessary to accumulate resources in advance.

How do you check if a name is dirty?

Not sure if your name is dirty? Well, check it out. Just access the website or download the Serasa app on your smartphone – click on Debt Consultation. Then, simply register with your CPF, name, birth and email address. Once everything is ready, the user will arrive at a page that displays the result. It is a kind of score that measures the reliability of the consumer in paying off debt.

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It is also possible to check whether there is an active debt and whether there is a proposal to renegotiate the balance. The process is free.

Learn how to check if a name is dirty in SPC

To make an inquiry about late payment with SPC, it is necessary to go to the SPC Brasil website or application. Click “Check CPF” on the main page. Access to information is paid, and the cheapest plan costs R$ 16.90.

How to clear a name through galleries

Faced with a dreaded indebtedness situation, Serasa decided to launch an emergency release of Feirão Limpa Nome. Consumers can negotiate their overdue debt by getting good discounts. The deadline to get good deals ends on March 31st.

Amounts due can be negotiated with a discount of up to 99%. Among the sectors participating in this release: Banks, retail, universities and telecom companies. According to Serasa, more than 20 million debts can be repaid for 100 Brazilian reals.

In addition to the exhibition, defaulters can also turn to the National Task Force for debt negotiation and financial guidance. The program is offered by the National Federation of Banks (Verapan) and has a partnership with the Central Bank (BC), as well as Procons in all states.