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The deadline for withdrawing credits ends on Saturday

The deadline for withdrawing credits ends on Saturday

The deadline for withdrawing credits from Nota Fiscal Paulista that was released over 12 months ago ends this Saturday. After this date, the amounts return to the state treasury. The minimum transfer balance is 0.99 BRL.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Planning of São Paulo, there are about 48 million sovereign fund funds that have balances to be redeemed, with a total of R$1,035,493,814.23.

Credit: Rmcarvalho/iStockThe deadline for withdrawing credits from the Paulista invoice ends on Saturday 16

Prior to that, the term of recovery of values ​​was five years. Starting next Sunday, credits issued more than 12 months ago will be revoked on the 17th and will only be available for use for one year from now on. The change was made through a law (17,293 / 2020) that was ratified last year by Governor João Doria (PSDB).

How to request credits from a São Paulo invoice

The values ​​can be transferred to a checking or savings account. There is also the possibility of allocating credits for the property auto tax relief (IPVA) for 2022.

The vehicle must belong to the same person who has CPF credits in the program. The rule also applies to transfers to savings or checking accounts.

For this purpose, the participant simply accesses the official application of Nota Fiscal Paulista via tablet or smartphone, enters the CPF / CNPJ and the registered password and selects the desired option.

It is also possible to apply for credit online. Amounts will be credited to the indicated account within 30 days.

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