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Credit withdrawal deadline ends today

Credit withdrawal deadline ends today

The deadline for withdrawing credits available in Nota Fiscal Paulista that was released over a year ago ends this Saturday (16).

The Ministry of Finance and Planning recently changed the validity period of the credits. Amounts will now expire if they are not withdrawn or used within 12 months from when they were made available.

Until then, the period available for refunds was five years. The minimum transfer balance is 0.99 BRL.

The change in deadlines was set by State Law No. 17293, which was ratified in October last year by the Governor of São Paulo, Joao Doria (PSDB). Touqan was the author of the article, which “identifies measures aimed at fiscal adjustment and the balance of public accounts.”

In addition, the Department of Finance has informed that maintenance of the system is scheduled between 10/17 (Sunday) and 10/19 (Tuesday). For this reason, some system features will be temporarily unavailable. Among them are the advice of transfers, the use of credits and the refusal of documents.

See below how to redeem credits:

  1. arrive to Invoice system in Sao Paulo using your username and password or digital certificate through the official website or app;
  2. In “Verify account”, click “Use credits”;
  3. Choose between credit in a checking account, credit in a savings account, settlement or reduction in IPVA. The account must be owned by you, i.e. do not use joint accounts or accounts of other people;
  4. fill in the data required by the system;
  5. Check the data and confirm the operation.

To use the discount in the amount of value added tax, the person should make the choice only in October and it will only be possible to deduct the tax amount for the following year. There is no minimum amount of credits to be used in this method.

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The vehicle must belong to the same person who has CPF Credits in Nota Fiscal Paulista.

  • After entering the Renavan number, click on the word “Verify”
  • If the numbering is correct, the system will enable the “Confirm” button and the field to report the value. Simply follow the remaining system instructions to complete the procedure.