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Benefício será ampliado

Will interest be expanded? Find out what the government says and who can receive 1,000 BRL Pix

The federal government has released information about the possible expansion of benefits that grant Pix to the amount of R$1,000. According to the disclosed information, new amounts will be allocated to the beneficiaries, so that they have an economic base so that they can continue the activities they carry out. Hence, it is the assistance intended for drivers.

Since the feature was announced, many drivers have expressed interest in receiving the premiums, which take place on a monthly basis. Initially, the feature will expire during September. However, according to the news reported by the government, there is a possibility that expansion will take place. Thus, it is necessary to understand how this can happen.

Payments news / Photo: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How does the benefit work?

First of all, to understand the possible enlargement, it will be necessary to mention how the utility works. As mentioned earlier, this is a help intended for drivers. More specifically, taxi assistance. That is, individuals who work as taxi drivers are eligible to receive amounts corresponding to benefits.

In this way the interest is achieved by paying monthly installments. The premium is R$1,000, and the deposit is made directly into the Caixa Econômica Federal Digital Social Savings account, through the Caixa Tem app (bityli.com/SVbrUS), Is available for Android And the iOS. However, in order to receive, the interested party must register.

After the deadline has been extended, drivers have until October 10 to apply to register for the benefit. This must be done through the city council of the municipality where the taxi driver resides, since it will be necessary to submit certain documents, which are also available through the city council. Therefore, it is necessary to carry all personal identification documents when submitting the registration application.

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Expansion of payments

In advance, it is necessary to note that the expansion will occur only for taxi drivers. This is because Pix Trucker, with the same value, is also valid. However, there is no estimate for higher payments. Thus, for taxi drivers, the government mentioned the possibility of paying a kind of “thirteenth salary”.

That is, the vesting will end in December, because it is an amount displayed during the election year. Therefore, after the new information, registered drivers can receive an additional premium. The payment will likely be made at the end of the year, considering the end of the last payment due, which is still the current amount of R$1,000.

However, so far, the government has not announced any specific date, not even the possible amount of the additional payment. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for a new official statement, in order to better understand the possibility, as well as to resolve the doubts of the beneficiaries. Finally, it is extremely important that drivers interested in receiving values ​​register before the City Council as soon as possible. This is because, perhaps, there will be no extension of the deadline for granting payments from maturity.

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