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Paying in installments of R$1,100 or R$1,212 issued today (3/23)?  Check WHO Rights and PIS Schedule 2021

Paying in installments of R$1,100 or R$1,212 issued today (3/23)? Check WHO Rights and PIS Schedule 2021

Thousands of employees from all over Brazil can still pull files Pay From PIS 2021 he is from PIS 2022.

This happens because, despite having this right, many workers did not get benefit during the appropriate period.

PIS 2021 and PIS 2022

As is known, the PIS 2022 Includes workers who worked in 2020. PIS 2021 is intended for employees of the year 2019.

In addition to these two installments, the calendar is waiting Base year PIS 2021, For those who worked in 2021.

On this issue see Latest information From PIS And the:

  • PIS calendar;
  • PIS . table
  • PIS 2021;
  • base year PIS 2021;
  • PIS 2022 calendar;
  • PIS 2022
  • PIS 2023

PIS payment in delay

Pay PIS (Social Integration Program) attracted. a Base year PIS 2021 It was supposed to be filed in 2022, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

a Base year PIS 2021 There is no payday preview.

2021 base year PIS will be paid when?

Still in 2022, the Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) is expected to meet with the federal government.

The purpose of the meeting is to organize and schedule payment Base year PIS 2021. Everything indicates, however, that this premium will be deposited in 2023.

if Base year PIS 2021 Staying for 2023, the payment amount will be higher.

Highest PIS Amount 2023

As is known, the Pay From PIS It is directly related to the value of lowest wages By force.

In September, the government presented its budget forecast for 2023 and estimated the value of lowest wages At 1,302 Brazilian Real.

Who has the right to PIS?

workers who:

  1. They were receiving up to a minimum wage;
  2. have performed any paid activity for at least 30 days per year;
  3. update data in the registry;
  4. They have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

Payment 2022

About 500,000 people have not received payment PIS In 2022, even with the right.

a PIS 2022 He had payments between February and March, with installments up to 1,212 Brazilian Real.

It is worth emphasizing that PIS 2022 It was intended for professionals who worked in the year 2020.

How to get PIS 2022 batch?

deposit PIS In 2022 it was intended for workers in private companies It can be withdrawn through Federal Savings Bank.

As in previous years, the PIS 2022 Automatically paid into a digital social savings account automatically opened by cashier. Consultation can be done through the Caixa TEM app.

can cooperator Pull PIS:

      • At automated teller machines.
      • In the Lotéricas and CAIXA Aqui correspondents – with the social card and password;
      • At the CAIXA branch, providing a PIS number and an official identification document.

2022 probe schedule

The PIS . table back to PIS value 2022 according to working months.

      • Worked for 1 month – R$101;
      • 2 working months – 202 R$;
      • 3 working months – R$ 303;
      • 4 working months – R$ 404;
      • 5 working months – R$505;
      • Worked for 6 months – R$ 606;
      • Worked for 7 months – 707 BRL;
      • Worked for 8 months – R$808;
      • 9 working months – Rls 909;
      • 10 working months – 1010 RRL;
      • Worked for 11 months – R$ 1,111;
      • Employed for 12 months – 1,212 BRL.

In general, the maximum value of 1,212 Brazilian Real They will only be released to those who worked within 12 months of 2020.

2022 calendar

a PIS . calendar Confirms that the withdrawal of resources from PIS 2022 he is from BASEP 2022 Until December 29.

Payment 2021

Already PIS 2021 meditate Workers who worked in 2019. Label “PIS 2021“Because the allowance was expected to be paid last year.

Pay PIS 2021 is up 1100 Brazilian RealThe worker will need to submit an application to the Ministry of Labor.

PIS 2021 order

To pull PIS 2021it is necessary:

  • By e-mail, send the request to the e-mail address “[email protected]”,” and replacing the letters “uf” with the abbreviation of the country in which the worker lives.
  • Also, at Alô Trabalhador Central, call 158.

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