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The country’s beloved company announces the closing of mass layoffs

The country’s beloved company announces the closing of mass layoffs

A reputable company in Brazil has laid off thousands of employees

One of the most beloved companies in Brazil, without a doubt, is Disney. The company, which operates in several sectors, has been back in the spotlight in recent days due to a series of mass layoffs. Thousands of employees have been dismissed from their duties.

The sector most at risk was the metaverse projects, called The next generation of storytelling. Disney was surprised to announce the end of the split. This sector’s extinguishing strategy is part of a mass layoff plan that will affect approx 7,000 employees.

For those who don’t know, the metaverse project segment was a bold claim by a company that wanted to create a new experience using its wide array of characters, brands, and franchises, but decided to abandon the project. The metaverse division had about 50 employees.

Among those hired by the company was Marc Bozon, former president of Apple Arcade, who spearheaded the creative vision for the project. Disney was looking to explore new ways to tell stories and deliver immersive experiences, building on its intellectual properties like Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen.

Disney’s claim to Metaverse began a few months after Facebook changed its name to Meta, in 2021. It is worth noting that other companies have also abandoned investment in Metaverse, such as Microsoft, which has rejected its division responsible for virtual reality glasses and increased.

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Disney was the company that fired many employees
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Why did Disney start mass expulsion of its employees?

In February of this year, the company surprised by announcing the dismissal of 7,000 employees to deal with the current economic scenario. One of the factors leading to the decision was the slow pace of growth of Disney+, which only registered 200,000 new subscribers in the US and Canada.

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