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Great tip for withdrawing salary allowance through Caixa Tem

Great tip for withdrawing salary allowance through Caixa Tem

Doubts about how to withdraw salary allowance PIS/PASEP to his box It is still popular on the Internet. This is especially true with the release of the government-sanctioned benefits payment schedule for 2021. salary allowance The benefit granted to contract workers – or public officials – who comply with the requirements set forth in the law.

a Box Federal Economic is responsible for activating PIS payments, which is how the allowance is called for CLT-registered workers by private companies. With that said, select the public bank his box As a way to transfer funds to those workers who do not have a checking or savings account open at CEF.

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Find out how to withdraw stipend allowance through Caixa Tem

Since this is a new form of withdrawal, where in the past PIS withdrawals were made using a citizen’s card, resulting in a cardless withdrawal using his box Still leaves a portion of the workers with doubts.

But don’t worry, because with the tutorial below you will be able to withdraw without much trouble:

  • Log in to your account his box. If you are a beneficiary of the subsidy, Caixa itself automatically opens an account in the name of the worker. Therefore, it is sufficient to register to access the application;
  • With access, find the “Withdrawal without card” option on the main page of the application;
  • On this page, a six-digit code will appear that will be used to withdraw the amount you want from your Caixa digital savings account.
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With the code in hand, you can withdraw funds:

  • In the lottery, inform the code and your identification document, and claim the entire Abono withdrawal;
  • At a CEF ATM, perform the cardless digital withdrawal procedure.

Who can receive PIS?

Since the recently started calendar was for 2021, those who:

  • worked for at least 30 days with a formal contract during 2021;
  • received as many as two minimum wage at the average value of the monthly wage during the said period;
  • It was already registered PIS/PASEP for at least five years;
  • The enrollment due in RAIS/e-Social was done by the employer.

Fulfilling all these criteria, the worker is entitled to PIS/PASEP in 2023 for services provided in 2021. It should also be noted that the amounts that citizens will receive for 2022 still do not have a date for the transfer provided by the government.

PIS 2023 calendar

  • January – payable on February 15th;
  • February – payable on February 15th;
  • March – payable on March 15th;
  • April – payable on March 15th;
  • May – payable on April 17th;
  • June – payable on April 17th;
  • July – payable on May 15th;
  • August – payable on May 15th;
  • September – payable on June 15th;
  • October – payable on June 15th;
  • November – payable on July 17th;
  • December – payable on July 17th.

Pasep calendar 2023

  • 0 – payment on February 15;
  • 1 – payment on March 15th;
  • 2 – payment on April 17;
  • 3 – payment on April 17;
  • 4 – payment on May 15th;
  • 5 – payment on May 15th;
  • 6 – payment on June 15th;
  • 7 – payment on June 15th;
  • 8 – payment on July 17;
  • 9- Payment on July 17th.

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Pay stipend withdrawal through Caixa Tem. Image: Agência Brasil