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The army sends 16 armored vehicles to the borders of Brazil and Venezuela

The army sends 16 armored vehicles to the borders of Brazil and Venezuela

In a memorandum, the force informed that there would be an increase in military personnel to ensure the “inviolability” of the Brazilian border

The Army informed on Tuesday (December 5, 2023) that it will send 16 armored vehicles to the cities of Pacaraima and Boa Vista in Roraima, which border Venezuela. This measure comes after Venezuelans agreed on Sunday (December 3) to hold a referendum to annex part of Guyana’s territory.

In the note (read below)The army stated that there will be an increase in the number of military personnel to ensure this “sanctity” From the Brazilian border and that It has been preserved “Continuous monitoring and readiness of its employees” To protect Brazilian territory.

According to the army, sending vehicles and reinforcements had already been planned before PEEx (Army Strategic Planning). But it was expected. On Thursday (November 30), the Ministry of Defense intensified its military presence in the border region.

Hey Power360 It turned out that reinforcements of 60 soldiers had been sent. In total, in Pacaraima, there are 130.

The vehicles are scheduled to arrive in Boa Vista in approximately 20 days to form a new military unit in the area.

Read the full memo issued by the Army below:

“The Army’s Social Communications Center informs that, in accordance with its constitutional mission of defending the Fatherland, the Brazilian Army, through its intelligence and alerts system, maintains constant surveillance and readiness of its personnel to ensure the inviolability of our borders. In this context, it is expected to strengthen the forces and means of military action In the cities of Pacaraima and Boa Vista, in addition to the intensification of the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade in Roraima, with its forces numbering about two thousand soldiers, its presence in those cities and the border area in order to carry out, in better conditions, the task of monitoring and protecting the national territory.”

“It should be noted that the development of the current mechanized cavalry squadron, a member of this brigade, into a mechanized cavalry regiment is a pre-planned strategic action that has already been included in the Army’s strategic planning (PEEx). This process will increase the number of military personnel in the region, as well as Armored vehicles to be transported from the south and center-west of the country to Roraima. Such means, such as 16 multi-role armored vehicles 4×4 – Guaicurus, forming the newly created military unit, will be transported throughout December, with an expectation of about 20 days to arrive in Boa Vista .

“At the moment, on the Brazilian side, movement on the border has become normal,” he added.