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The ‘Anne With an E’ actress had a mastectomy at the age of 19 after discovering breast cancer

Miranda McKeown said she’s been waiting five months for surgery and then she’ll be completely free of the rare disease for a woman her age.

Reproduction / Instagram / miranda.mckeon / 11.11.2021Miranda McKeown played Josie Bay in Anne With an E

actress Miranda McKeown, who played Josie Pye on the Netflix series”Ann with EShe underwent a double mastectomy, which doctors said would eliminate the cancer and significantly reduce her risk of being rediagnosed with the disease. The 19-year-old actress recently revealed that she has had breast cancer – something extremely rare at her age. After the disease was discovered at an advanced stage, she needed chemotherapy, and fearing that the treatment would affect her fertility, Miranda decided to freeze her eggs. In October of this year, the artist announced the end of her cancer treatment, and last Thursday, 10 years old, shared on social media that she would undergo surgery.

“It’s a great day!!! Arrived in San Francisco [nos Estados Unidos] To undergo the surgery I’ve been waiting for about 5 months. I will do one mastectomy A procedure to remove all of the breast tissue under the skin on both sides, as well as some lymph nodes on my right side,” explained the actress, who also said “this means she is cancer-free.” Miranda explained that after a lot of research, she found a team to perform the surgery Using a different technique than a traditional mastectomy, where the nerves are taken care of. However, the artist said she would not lose the full sensitivity of the breast, as the traditional procedure usually leaves the woman feeling completely numb in the area. “Although it takes Some time for sure, I’m so grateful to know I’ll look and feel like I really do again.”

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