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Ana Paula Siebert

Justus’ wife says she ended up having to sleep with her daughter instead of the nanny and was blown up (video)

Anna Paula Seibert regretted being tired after sleeping in the weekend with the baby

247 – Model Anna Paula Seibert has come under fire after reporting about taking care of her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Vicki. Roberto Justos’ wife has regretted being tired after sleeping in for the weekend with the baby. The statements went viral and led to numerous complaints on social media. The Information From the Hugo Gloss blog.

According to Anna, Vicky usually sleeps with her nanny, but that has temporarily changed over the past few nights. “Guys, you’re done, there’s only dust left on Monday after the weekend to take care of Vicki. I’m not used to sleeping with Vicki, am I? She sleeps with the nanny, every day she sleeps with the nanny,” she began on Instagram.

Seibert stated that mothers would understand his stress from interrupted sleep, and would check on the baby’s condition frequently. “And then, this weekend, I slept with her, and every time she moved in her bed, I got out of bed to see if everything was OK, because I’m one of those! So, like that interrupted sleep. I didn’t get hours From sleep, like, without waking up. Moms will understand me. It’s an outburst of a tired person,” she added.