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The 7 most foods that steal calcium from your body;  Why does this happen?

The 7 most foods that steal calcium from your body; Why does this happen?

Calcium is a very important mineral for human growth that cannot be neglected. Responsible for maintaining teeth and bones, they must be maintained through a balanced diet. The way the body absorbs these elements reflects on the correct balance of substances in the bloodstream.

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Reasons for “stealing” vitamins

There are several reasons why foods Certain vitamins are stolen from the body in view of the absorption process. Each entry has its explanations, such as increased fiber which eliminates calcium sources quickly through excretions, feces and urine. There is also an excess of some components that require a large expenditure of energy to be digested.

Make smart decisions

Most of the ingredients you’ll see on the list are healthy, so understand that it’s all about the choices. Just be aware and check out the best meals, and if you are having difficulty, consult your doctor or nutritionist. Just don’t ignore this information, because balance is about variety and the search for natural options.

Foods that steal the most calcium

1- salt

The sodium in salt makes a person go to the bathroom to urinate normally. However, this makes it easy Calcium that are not absorbed by the body.

2- coffee

In addition to having a diuretic effect, increasing the urge to urinate, in some people it speeds up bowel movements. However, this happens in those who usually drink a lot of coffee, at least 3 cups a day.

3- Soft drinks

Like any drink or food rich in phosphorous, it prevents the use of calcium, as it works directly on the regulation of hormones in cells.

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4- Nuts and foods containing oxalic acid and phytates

Any product that has a laxative effect due to the amount of fat should be taken in moderation. By having a bowel movement several times a day and for short periods, not only calcium, but other nutrients will be eliminated.

5- Chocolate

Chocolate milk and chocolate contain a formula that is not useful for those who want to replace calcium. With oxalic acid and caffeine, it can be reduced daily or reconsidered when there are options with a higher cocoa content.

6- Leafy greens, whole grains, and iron-containing foods

Calcium is absorbed in the same way as iron, known as “gluteal”, and when there is a higher consumption than is necessary, a certain competition begins, in which the former ends up with less absorption.

7- Meat and proteins in general

To digest animal protein, the body expends a lot of energy, consuming large amounts of calcium.