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Santa Casa de Pelotas opens 30 extra beds from SUS |  general

Santa Casa de Pelotas opens 30 extra beds from SUS | general

The ward will have 30 beds for patients (Photo: Publicity – DP)

Since Wednesday (24), 30 beds have been put into operation in Santa Casa de Pelotas for the use of patients from the Unified Health System (SUS) in the Sagrado Corao de Jesus unit. Vacancies were opened after an amendment to the contract was signed between the hospital and the town hall on the 18th. Monthly, R$480,000 per month will be invested in reopening the family, of which R$160,000 complement the SUS schedule.

According to the agreement between the municipality and Santa Casa, 30 inpatient rooms will be allocated at the back of the emergency room in order to reduce the capacity of the service that serves as a gateway for patients in Pelotas and the region in emergencies and emergencies. cases.

According to the hospital’s director of nursing, Ktia Zielke, reopening beds, as well as emptying the emergency room, ensures better care conditions for patients in the public network.

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The municipal contract with Casa Santa to provide rear beds is valid until the end of October. The goal is to reduce stress on the emergency department, especially with regard to cases of patients with respiratory symptoms, which traditionally increase in the coldest period of the year.

In addition to these 30 PS units in Santa Casa, another 12 beds of the dispensary have been operating since July 1 at the University Hospital of São Francisco de Paula.