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The 3 most useful incentives for you to take advantage of the full potential of ChatGPT

The 3 most useful incentives for you to take advantage of the full potential of ChatGPT

Since its release, chat It has made a huge impact, attracting a large number of users who have taken advantage of its services.

However, as with any technology, there have also been controversies over the AI ​​chatbot developed by OpenAI.

For many users, ChatGPT was a a tool Valuable, providing assistance in various areas such as writing, learning, music and mathematics.

It has been praised for its ability to generate quick responses and provide actionable insights, making it an attractive option for many people.

On the other hand, there are those who have expressed disappointment with the performance of ChatGPT. They reported problems with comprehension, inappropriate or confusing responses, and some limitations in their interactions.

These less satisfying experiences may be related to technical challenges, limitations of the AI ​​model, or unmet user expectations.

In fact, the way users interact and communicate with ChatGPT plays an important role in achieving the desired results.

Simple, direct commands can be useful for basic requests, but for more complex interactions and more accurate results, users have found that using more subtle prompts (questions) can be useful and help achieve certain goals.

ChatGPT’s most effective prompts

1. Tell ChatGPT to type as you type

While it is true that ChatGPT can present a certain monotony in its responses and seem impersonal in some cases, it is possible to customize the interaction and get the answers More suitable for each user’s preferences.

The key to getting more personalized ChatGPT responses is to use the right prompt. By providing more specific instructions, additional context, or indicating desired writing style, users can influence the tone and content of chatbot responses.


To do this, add the text together and enter the command: “Write about (insert a text excerpt) as the author writes above.”

2. Preparing for a job interview

Setting the appropriate context when preparing for a job interview and providing your chatbot with relevant information can be a useful strategy for practicing your responses and getting an overview of potential questions that may arise.

By feeding the chatbot information about the job you’re interviewing for, it can help simulate an interview and provide insights into areas you need to focus on.

To find out what you will encounter in an interview, ask Chat: “Simulate a job interview (specify the role in the simulation). I am the guest and you are the interviewer. Ask me appropriate questions, similar to a job interview.”

3. Ask for simple examples of complex situations

ChatGPT is known for its ability to provide clarity and explanations in plain language, even when dealing with complex concepts.

When asked to explain a topic like blockchain in a way that would be accessible to an 11-year-old, the chatbot uses oversimplifications to make the concept understandable to users who may not have prior knowledge or experience in the field.

To learn something difficult, write: “I want to learn about (insert the subject you want to learn). Explain it in simple terms, as if it were for an 11-year-old.”